Shou Wu Pian (Shou Wu Wan)

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It is used for liver and kidney system deficiencies from a Chinese Medicine perspective which lead to hair issues, premature aging and/or sexual/reproductive issues.  Shou Wu Wan adds herbs to aid in rebuilding sexual issues as well as the other symptoms appropriate to this formula.  Symptoms that may be applicable to this formula are any kind of sperm issues – low sperm count, motility and morphology issues, nocturnal emissions and/or seminal emissions.  It is commonly used for hair related issues such as premature graying and hair loss (alopecia), particularly along with other signs of liver and kidney imbalances such as weak low back, frequent urination, weak knees.  It may also be used in specific cases for menopause.


Radix Polygoni Multiflori 


Dosage & Usage

3 times daily, 5 tablets each time.


Package Contains

100 tablets



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