Xiao Chai Hu Tang Wan

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*  alternating fever and chills, hypochondriac pain, irritability, bitter taste in mouth, poor appetite, nausea.  Often used for illnesses (chronic or short-term) such as the flu, etc. that have "cleared" but not completely.  People will describe not feeling quite right or having a range of low level symptoms for months or longer after a particular illness.  Instead of fever and chills alternating they may manifest with cold extremities and warm interior or other variations.

*  A range of liver related conditions including malaria, jaundice, hepatitis, liver cancer, meniere's disease, general protection from medicines that may harm the liver, etc. among issues with other digestive organs - pancreatitis, stomatitis, gastritis.

*  Liver/speen disharmonies resulting in broader issues such as depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, menstrual irregularities (PMS, cramping, etc.).

*  Other general immune issues such as the common cold, flu, tonsillitis, general seasonal allergies with the right underlying factors.



Radix Bupleuri, Radix scutellaire, Rhizoma Ingiberis, Ginseng, frustes Jujubae



Dosage & Usage

2-3 times daily, 8-10 pills each time.



Package Contains

200 pills / box



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