Jin Ju Di Dan Wan

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Fires toxin due to external heat with local inflammation, boils, carbuncles, painful deep-rooted sores, acne, mastitis, etc. It is Useed to treat body resolve toxic heat accumulation, often associated with emotional stress and/or diseases such as herpes.



Flos LoniceraeFlos ChrysanthemiHerba TaraxaciFolium MoriLithospermi seu Arnebiae Radix Angelicae SinensisRadix OphiopogonisPoria, Fructus KochiaeSemen CoicisRadix ScrophulariaeCortex MoutanHerba Pteridis MultifidaeHUANG Radix RehmanniaeHerba Verbenae OfficinalisRhizoma Imperatae


Dosage & Usage

take 8 pills each time, 3 times daily


Package Contains

192 pills


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