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Product no.: TEA-002


calms the liver to stop endogenous wind and nourish yin to suppress the liver yang. It is for treating high blood pressure (hypertension) and the symptoms caused by hypertension such as dizzyness, tinnitus, palpitation and so on. 

dissolves fat and nourish yin, which help soften the blood vessel walls.This formula is trying to treat the problems from the root so the blood system is healthier and can function properly without keep taking other medicines.



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Product no.: TEA-004

Feiyan tea is natural herbal tea intended to suppress appetite, detoxify the body, get ride of extra fat and improve metabolism. It is health protection. It contained several herbs and combine some refreshing fruit product which is good for health. So it don’t have any side effect. It is health to ensure and help people to lose fat.


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Product no.: cpm-0010

It Clears Heat, Expels Toxins, it used as tea 



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Product no.: CPM-003

Nourishes the yin energy of the body to clear away heat, relieve restlessness and calm the mind.  This herbal formula is used for hot flashes, hectic fever, sweating, dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia, restlessness, irritability and/or instability of blood pressure during menopause.



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Product no.: pian-0080

It is fat reducing tea. 

It suppresses appetite, improves metabolism and detoxifies the body. 



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