Yu Zhu / Scented Solomon's Seal Rhizome / Polygonati Odorati Rhizoma (50g)

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Pharmaceutical name: Polygonati odorati Rhizoma


*  Nourish yin, moisten dryness - lung and stomach dry heat or yin deficiency patterns with cough, dry throat, thirst, irritability, steaming bone disorder, xiao ke, excess hunger, constipation.

*  Clear wind, softens and moistens the sinews - wind generated by insufficient fluids, leading to pain and spasms in the sinews, dizziness from yin deficiency and internal movement of wind.

*  Also useful for wind-heat in yin deficient constitution (not cloying herb).



1-5g each time, 2-3 times daily



Package Contains

50 grams / per pack, with a concentration ratio in average of 6:1 from dried herbs to finished products.



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