Gan Cao / Licorice Root / Radix Glycyrrhizae (granule,50g)

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Pharmaceutical name: Radix Glycyrrhizae


* Tonifies the spleen and augments qi - spleen deficiency w/shortness of breath, fatigue, loose stools (si jun zi tong).

* Qi and/or blood deficiency w/irregular pluse or palpitations (Zhi Gan Cao Tang).

* Moistens the lungs and stops cough - heat/cold in the lungs (Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang).

* Clears heat and toxic fire (raw) - carbuncles, sores, sore throat due to fire toxin (internally or topically).

* Alleviates pain and stops spasms - abdomen or legs (Shao Yao Gan Cao Tang).

* Often used to harmonize and/or moderate characteristics of other herbs.

* Antidote for toxic substances (internally and topically).



1-3 each time, 2-3 times daily


Package Contains

50 grams / per pack, with a concentration ratio in average of 6:1 from dried herbs to finished products.



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