Bi Min Gan Tang formula

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Promots weak lung qi, It is used for lung Qi deficiency, specifically the defensive Qi, leading to the accumulation of phlegm, wind and or heat in the upper chest area. Symptoms may include running nose, painful sinus, congestion, sneezing, and itching. This formula is best for acute rhinitis or other acute sinus or nasal conditions. It may be used for cold/flu like symptoms, however it is not appropriate to treat a cold. It may be used to treat allergies as well.

*Bi Min Gan formula is a mixed herbal concentrated granule (it is called Bi Ming Gan Tang in Chinese). This formula is called Bi Ming Gan Wan when it is in pills form, and it is called Bi Min Gan Pian when it is in tablets form.



Cang Er Zi, Xin Yi Hua, Lian Qiao, Fang Feng, Bai Zhi, Zhi Mu, Gan Cao, Jie Jie, Ye Ju Hua, Wu Wei Zi, Jie Geng


Dosage & Usage

As a dietary supplement, take one bag of sachet each time, 1-2 times a day. (mix the sachet with hotwater, drink it as tea)


Package Contains

10 grams*50 bags of sachets (2-4 weeks supply)


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