Smokeless Moxa sticks (Wuyan Jiutiao)

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Smokeless Moxa Rolls is the result of the skilled manufacture of common Moxa-Rolls by the method of calcine, a widely applied traditional drug manufacture method. It can evenly penetrate heat into acupoints with great power. With Smokeless Moxa-Rolls there is no traumatic pain, no poison and no side-effects so its safety can be guaranteed. With no smoke and no soot polution, it is environment protection.

Operation guide
Light the Smokeless Moxa-Rollas and then aim to the acupoint, where the location is felt from thermy and heat to erubescence. The time of moxibustion varies according to the diseases and acupoint, once or twice daily.

Package Contains
5 units per packet (11cm long and 1.5cm diameters round)
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