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 Fires toxin due to external heat with local inflammation, boils, carbuncles, painful deep-rooted sores, acne,eczema, mastitis etc. 

 It is Useful for helping body resolve toxic heat accumulation, often associated with emotional stress and/or diseases such as herpes. 




Paeonia lactiflora root; Imperata cylindrica rhiz; Rehmannia glutinosa root; Paeonia veitchii root; Ledebouriella divaricata root; Arctium lappa fruit; Ligusticum wallichii rhiz; Rubia cordifolia root; Juglans regia seed; Schizonepeta tenuifolia herb; Angelica acutiloba root; Kochia scoparia fruit; Xanthium sibiricum fruit; Forsythia suspensa fruit; Lonicera japonica flower bud; Corydalis bungeana herb; Smilax glabra rhiz; Gleditsia Australis thorn; Platycodon grandiflorum root; Leonurus sibiricus herb; Paeonia suffruticosa root bark; Dictamnus desycarpus root; Rheum palmatum root & rhiz; Glycyrrhiza uralensis root & rhiz; Angelica dahurica root; Spatholobus suberectus stem; Sempervivum tectorum herb; Lonicera japonica stem; Arnebia euchroma root; Carthamus tinctorius; flower Spirodela polyrrhiza herb.


Dosage & Usage

Take 2-3 times daily, 15 pills each time


Package Contains 

200 pills


Buy 4 packs get the 5th for free!


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