Bai Hu Tang / Bai Hu Tang Wan (5 packs)

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Clears heat and generates fluids and Clears Qi level Heat and Yangming excess. It is used for Acute infection; Aversion to heat; Diabetes; Encephalitis; Four major: Great fever - Great thirst - Great sweating - Large-Overflowing-Floating pulse; Gingivitis; Great thirst; High fever; Irritability; Meningitis; Pneumonia; Profuse sweating; Epistaxis; Headache; Red complexion; Toothache; Red tongue, dry-yellow or dry-maroon coating.



Shi Gao, Zhi Mu, Geng Mi, Zhi Gan cao



Dosage & Usage

Take 2-4 tables each time, 2-3 times a day. 


Package Contains

5 packs (56 tables / pack)





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