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Gou Qi Zi / Goji Berry / Fructus Lycii (granule,50g)

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Pharmaceutical name: Fructus Lycii


* Nourish and tonify liver and kidney - yin and/or blood deficiency w/sore back and legs, low grade abdominal pain, impotence, nocturnal emission, xiao ke; neutral nature - commonly used for liver and kidney deficiency.

* Benefits the essence and brightens the eyes - essence and blood are unable to nourish eyes, dizziness, blurred vision, diminished acuity.

* Enrich yin and moisten the lungs - consumptive cough.



1-4 g each time, 2-3 times daily


Package Contains

50 grams / per pack, with a concentration ratio in average of 6:1 from dried herbs to finished products.



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