Chai Hu Shu Gan Pian (Chai Hu Shu Gan Wan)

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It can disperse stagnant liver qi to invigorate the spleen and harmonize blood to regulate menstruation.
It is used for Anxiety, Irritability, Stress, and Depression, Hepatitis etc.


Radix Scutellariae, Herba Menthae, Rhizoma Sparganii, Radixet Rhizoma Rhei, Pericarpiuma Citri Reticulatae Viride, Radix Angelicae Sinensis, Radix Linderae, Rhizoma Curcumae, Radix Saposhnikoviae, Massa Fermentata Medicinals. 


Dosage & Usage

2-3 times daily, 2-3 tablets each time.


Package Contains

30 tablets


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